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On the morning of Friday, August 23rd, 2013 I awoke in my condo in Hollywood Hills, Los Angeles, California, to find that the entire left side of my body was completely numb, and without sensation. I had no balance, could barely walk in a straight line, and anything that I held in my left hand, which happens to be my dominant hand, quickly made its way to the floor. Until now, not many have heard about what precipitated the conception of Mii Mantra.

The experience I am about to share is a story of how I used positive affirmations, a mantra, written on masking tape and pasted on a glass of water that I drank out of, to miraculously heal and fully recover from a stroke – which is something that less than 10% of people who have experienced a stroke, have the privilege of saying. It is my hope that by sharing my story, it might inspire others to use the power of their mind to overcome what might seemingly appear to be insurmountable. This testimony is what led to the creation of Mii Mantra.

After an “abnormal” EKG reading at around 5:30pm at the Hollywood Walk-in clinic, and after stating my symptoms, it was recommended that I visited the County Hospital to get further treatment, because as fate would have it, I was in between insurance companies at the time. I was informed that the hospital catered to patients that didn’t have health coverage, so the doctors at the clinic wrote up a reference letter and sent me on my way.

No sooner had I arrived at County Hospital in downtown LA, I was seated with a nurse who had just reviewed my ‘third Abnormal’ EKG test. ‘I hope you make it,’ she said, shaking her head. Her comment resonated. I thought to myself, ‘how could someone be so insensitive?’ The lack of common sense displayed by this particular nurse staggered me. I am a clinical educator, and I am pretty well-versed in medical symptoms, so I knew I had experienced a stroke in my sleep, but in my attempt to remain optimistic, I initially chalked it up to a pinched nerve, crediting the heavy gym workout the previous day, as the reason why I felt so awful. My girlfriend at the time was the one who had demanded I receive medical advice, going as far as shoving me in the car and chauffeuring me to the urgent care facility, and then to the hospital. Much to my surprise, and that of my girlfriend’s, I was discharged from the County Hospital after a couple of hours, with nothing more than a prescription for blood pressure medication and a two-week follow up appointment, and by-the-way, neither an MRI or ultrasound was performed to evaluate my condition. I knew it was due to my lack of insurance, that’s why I wasn’t provided with the adequate care that my condition required.

The next day, at home and in anticipation of my follow-up appointment, I resolved to take matters into my own hands.  At the time, I was vaguely familiar with the Japanese Researcher, Dr. Masaru Emoto. I recalled that he conducted experiments that proved that water responded to, and absorbed messages, to the point where it changed the molecular structure. I had also seen many episodes of the power of intention and manifestation on the Oprah Winfrey show. With nothing to lose, I grabbed some masking tape, wrote down the words, “Healthy,” “Strong,” and “Grateful,” and stuck it on the outside of a glass filled with water. I then proceeded to lock myself in my room, with only the sound of Lama Gyure’s Tibetan chants of the  “Medicine Buddha” playing in the background.

At the time, I had no understanding of what was being chanted, except that I found it soothing, and it helped me to refocus my mind on visualizing a revitalized and reconditioned version of my body. I went through a system of mental processes, whereby I would assume the feeling of the wish fulfilled, and while drinking my glass of water, I would imagine that I was healthier than I was, prior to the event.

Many highly acclaimed metaphysical teachers such as Neville Goddard, Bob Proctor, Dr. Joe Dispenza, Dr. Bruce, Lipton, Dr. Wayne Dyer, to name but a few, have strongly espoused this method of “feeling,” with emotion to manifest your inner-wishes. It has been said that the secret of manifesting what you want in life, is to feel what you desire as though it is a present fact.

Two weeks later, I arrived at the County Hospital for my appointment, only to be informed that the wait time was four hours, and that all appointments were on a first come first serve basis. An hour flew by in the lobby, and the wait time hadn’t changed. I was feeling worse for wear, but I was still mentally and verbally reciting my affirmations, and with positive intentions on my mind, I left and drove straight down to Cedars Sinai Hospital.

The fact that my insurance policy hadn’t been activated at the time didn’t appear to be of a hindrance when I got there. Evaluating my health was their priority. I informed the doctors of the symptoms I was experiencing, and about the treatment I had received at the County hospital two weeks prior.

“They didn’t perform an ultrasound or MRI?” one doctor had asked. “No,” I replied. The doctor retorted angrily, “They sent you home to die!”

After my evaluation and assessment at Cedars, I was scheduled for both an ultrasound and MRI. I was also given a prescription for Lipitor amongst other drugs. I took the Lipitor drug for two days, but the side-effects were horrible, so I shelved it, and persevered with my “water therapy” at home. Even though I was still struggling with the debilitating effects of the stroke, I continued to go the gym, with the belief that I was even fitter than before. On the days that I felt too weak to workout, I would sit in a chair, set my stopwatch, and then mentally, I would picture myself at the gym doing push-ups, pull-ups, squats, and sprints on the treadmill. The stopwatch made it a lot easier for me to mentally envision completing a workout set, before moving on to the next. Again, if you remember what I said earlier, “assume the feeling of the wish fulfilled.”

Two weeks after my initial visit to Cedars, and after having an MRI and ultrasound test, I returned to the hospital for the results. Dumfounded, the doctors looked at the images on the screen, and then glanced at me, and then looked at the screen again. I knew before they even spoke that the unexplained had occurred. Sure enough, my carotid artery was clear, and my brain image had no signs of encountering a stroke.

Six years later, I am healthier than ever, without a single trace of the symptoms I experienced when I encountered a stroke. I know without a scintilla of doubt, that there’s an unseen force, an unseen energy that is real, and is at our disposal to harness whenever we need it. I have shared the exact method I used to heal myself to numerous people, and all of them were able to manifest outcomes that confirm the veracity of what many mystics and metaphysical teachers have been saying for years. With positive affirmation, pointed intention, and with the unwavering belief that the wish has already been fulfilled, you can manifest anything.   We are spirit beings having a human experience on a perceived physical dimension. On this physical plane, we need our five senses to identify and interact with certain aspects of our physical reality. Mii Mantra provides the physical and mental tools to unlock the inner powers within ourselves, to help connect us back to source. Anything can be manifested, be it love, be it health, or be it wealth; all you have to do is tap into the appropriate frequency, to manifest the reality you seek.