Our Intention

What is Mii Mantra?


At Mii Mantra, we are on a quest to awaken the consciousness of humanity. We aim to break free from the chains of ignorance that have kept us from realizing our true potential and essence. Our mission is to bring together a diverse collection of esoteric teachings, concepts, and practices to elevate the frequency and vibration of humanity, leading us towards a spiritual awakening on both an individual and collective level. Our goal is to empower each person to fulfill their highest potential and to become their best selves. Join us on this journey of enlightenment, where we strive to create a world of conscious beings, living in harmony with one another and the universe.


What is Mii Mantra’s Purpose?


Mii Mantra aims to raise humanity's collective consciousness and dispel ignorance by promoting positive thinking and intention. Through conscious creation and consumption, Mii Mantra advocates for unity and healing in the world, with the ultimate goal of helping individuals reach their highest potential and attain a state of oneness with the source. Mii Mantra is a beacon of light that leads the way to a brighter and more harmonious future.


Conscious Creation


Conscious Creation means becoming aware of the power of your thoughts and choices in shaping your reality. It means paying attention to what you think and do, and making changes when things aren't working the way you want them to. By recognizing the creative power of thoughts, you can start creating a more fulfilling life and break free from repetitive cycles.


Conscious Consumption 


"Conscious Consumption" means being aware of what you take in not only physically, but also mentally and emotionally. This includes paying attention to the food you eat, as well as the media, information and influences that you allow into your life. By being mindful of what you consume, you can make choices that are aligned with your values and support your spiritual growth and well-being.




"I AM" is considered by many to be the most powerful two-word declaration in the human language, with the ability to shape one's reality. This secret has been passed down through ancient dialects and scriptures, and shuffled through dark corridors, among the secret societies of the world. What you attach to "I AM" becomes your reality, as your subconscious mind listens and obeys the commands you give it. Thus, it is important to be mindful of the words you attach to "I AM," as negative thoughts will result in negativity in your life and positive thoughts will manifest positive outcomes.




A mantra is a tool that taps into the power of the mind, acting as a vessel that carries your thoughts and intentions towards manifestation. In Sanskrit, "man" means thought or mind and "tra" means vehicle, making a mantra the perfect mode of transport for your innermost desires. By repeating a mantra, you focus your mind and nurture your seed of intention, allowing you to access heightened levels of awareness. The repetition of a mantra has the ability to alter subconscious impulses and habits, and even heal afflictions through the directed flow of Prana, or life force energy. Ultimately, the purpose of a mantra is to bring you back to your source, grounding you in the present moment and aligning you with your highest self.


Meaning of the Lotus Flower

At Mii Mantra, we choose the Lotus Flower as our symbol of inspiration because of its powerful and meaningful symbolism. The Lotus represents so much more than just its physical beauty. It represents the idea that even in the most difficult and trying circumstances, one can rise above and emerge beautifully, with grace and inner peace. The Lotus is a symbol of purity, spiritual awakening, and the ability to stay humble and focused on one's personal development.

The Lotus also represents patience, victory over attachments, love and compassion, self-awareness, and faithfulness during spiritual development. It has been a symbol of spiritual enlightenment for generations and holds a deep significance for those seeking spiritual growth. The Lotus represents the journey of growth and transformation, from a small seed rooted in mud, to a beautiful flower that rises above the water to bloom. It is a reminder to all of us that we too have the power to overcome obstacles and emerge as our best selves.



The words you speak becomes the house you live in” – Hafiz.


Words are energy. Words are extremely powerful… The words that you speak are life. Words give life. The reason we see “spelling” is because we are casting spells. Words Will Manifest!

Words are energy that can impact our reality. The words we speak transmit frequencies of energy and affect our bodies like a receiver. Our thoughts and words create an electromagnetic field that affects our cellular functions. By being aware of the words we use, we can change our reality. High energy words, like love, success, and health, attract positive outcomes and raise our vibration, while low energy words attract negativity and lower our immune system. 

On the Mii Mantra Flask/Bottle are 21 high energy words that are guaranteed to raise your vibration.

They are: 




Our concept was inspired by the late Japanese scientist, Masaru Emoto who discovered that the molecular structure of water is shaped by environment, thoughts & emotions. His experiments revealed that water has a powerful influence both on the physical and energetic level. Through his experiments, Emoto exposed water to different sources of energy such as music, spoken words, or photographs. The results were awe-inspiring! His microscopic photographs of frozen water crystals exposed to positive words and images like “love”, “gratitude”, or a sunset showed beautiful geometric ice crystals; while negative words and images like “hate” or a sewage image showed distorted and varied ice crystals. This showed us that the water was in fact affected by the emotion imprinted on it!

The average human body is 60% water. Imagine how positive messages can influence our own physical bodies.

Water is a powerful element that has endless possibilities! Its energy can contribute to our wellbeing, and its memory has the power to help us reach new heights. Allowing our thoughts, words, and emotional intention to interact with the water can be a powerful tool for transformation. Let's be aware of its power and use it to bring positivity, abundance and joy into our lives!