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Mii Mantra

Healing Mii Mantra AQUAFLASK (32 oz or 40 oz)

Healing Mii Mantra AQUAFLASK (32 oz or 40 oz)

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What if I told you that you could encode and program the water you drink daily, and use it to manifest your inner wishes and desires?

Well, the latest cutting-edge science proves that we can!

Manifest your intention, heal your body, mind and soul, with our healing Mii Mantra Aquaflasks. 

Encoded on the Mii Mantra bottle are 21 affirmations designed to positively charge the contents within. Even if you don’t speak them, just observing a word, or a set of words engraved on the bottle, would transmit a vibration and frequency to change the structure of the water, before you even drink it.

Mii Mantra bottle acts as a vehicle, it is a conductor of energy that amplifies your intention. It is both curative, and preventative. Treat it like a sacred vehicle that imbrues it’s contents with goodness, and watch and see how it alters your life in a positive way. The healing possibilities are endless.

What medicine is healing with science, mind is healing with intention. Healing is an art, and you are the creator! The power is within you!

Great for hikes, walks, the gym, or everyday use, the 32 oz locks in temperature, and keeps your beverage as scolding hot or icy cold as you desire. The largest size currently offered is the TempShield Insulated 40 oz, which is ideal for camping, full days at work or the beach, or anywhere where lasting refreshment is desired. 

All bottles are made with 18/8 professional food-grade stainless steel – a metal known for its durability and purity. The food-grade material also guards against unwanted flavor transfer, so today’s water won’t taste like yesterday’s juice.

Healing and bringing the world together through positive thought and intention. Cogito Ergo Sum: I think therefore, I am!

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